Fantasy Vs. Desire!!!

 Let me start by saying in a “sexual relationship” the difference between a Fantasy and Desire needs to be made clear long before expressing your personal fantasies and desires with one another. This is specifically because everyone’s perception is different from the next person, that’s one thing that makes us uniquely human beings. So by knowing the difference between fantasy and desire, it could actually heighten your sex life and get you closer to making those desires a reality in no time.

True Meaning of Fantasy…

(With terms and definitions from Webster dictionary)

Fantasy – the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable.


fantasy girl

Is the realm where anything is possible, where you are free to imagine wild scenarios, extraordinary circumstances, and superhuman powers.

So what does that mean?

In a fantasy any and everything is possible, the limits of reality do not apply. A fantasy is nothing but a blank slate of possibility… the only limit is your own imagination. In the realm of a fantasy you can privately explore the outer limits without having to justify your thoughts to anyone, without any risk. This is because a fantasy isn’t real, it’s only actions and events made up of your imagination.

Fantasies are not fulfilled, desires are!

True Meaning of Desire

Desire – A strong feeling of wanting or wishing for something to happen.

Desires are those experiences that you find pleasurable and want more of in your actual life. Desires are specific elements from the world of fantasy & reality that you find fulfilling.

Is fantasizing normal?

Having a fantasy or fantasizing is a completely normal act of human nature. It is also a way to escape real life and experience something that you otherwise wouldn’t do in your “actual” life. Just because you may fantasize about something, doesn’t mean you actually want it to come true or necessarily experience it at all in “real” life.

Large research studies indicate that almost everyone have fantasies and almost none of us talk about it.

Keep In Mind

Any fantasy can be turned into a desire especially if you set reality like limits on your sexual fantasies. Once you seek to fulfill that fantasy it then becomes a desire!

Now that you know the difference between a desire and a fantasy…

You can make plans to express your personal desires to your partner.

Fulfilling your desires if they’re within your partner’s comfort zone.

All in hopes of heightening your sexual experiences in “Real” life.

Whether or not you keep your fantasies to yourself is a personal decision! Your “Desires” is what’s most important since it is something you wish to have or happen. Focusing on communicating your sexual needs and desires will “hopefully” lead to a pleasurable outcome! 😉


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