Ladies… Why Are We Thinking So MUCH During SEX?


Girl thinking

Where sex can be very similar between men and women; sex itself can be a bit more complex to us women. The idea of it & actually doing it is completely two different scenarios for us. We may imagine it to be one way but it then actually turns out to be the complete opposite of that.

Our biggest flaw when it comes to sex is thinking way too much into it. I mean who doesn’t want great “mind blowing” sex? What really ruins it for us, is being there in “the moment” without actually being there because you’re inside of your own head and thoughts. For example: (And this is just for FUN!) “oh my goodness… I wonder how does my hair look right now?”, “Do I look fat?”, “Am I too loud?”, “Am I not loud enough?”, “Should I talk dirty to him?”, “I hope I’m not ruining this moment right…

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5 thoughts on “Ladies… Why Are We Thinking So MUCH During SEX?

  1. charlypriest says:

    You kidding me? That is not a flaw, most girls I have been with when we are having sex they are either waiting for me to finish, smoking a cigarette the last time with one girl, the girl I mean she was smoking the cigarrete, and more strange experiences so in my opinión that is great, it is me (men) that have to concéntrate and be in the momento to “finish”, actually some of you girls are nuts, you just take me home so you are the ones that can “finish”, was a fun post to read


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