Being Turned ON & Being a Woman!

sexy black girl

Seems like an almost every time we “do it” challenge! lol! Being turned on that is… So why does it take particular things to turn us women on? Because we require romantic “investment”!

Trust; by itself opens us up!

Being seduced by words is the sexiest shit ever to us. If his conversation can bring sex to mind, then he’s definitely on the right path to your “goods”. Him pulling and gripping you in all the right places can very well lead to a kiss. It also shows the sign that he is a dominant man and is willing to take over or lead the way if need be. What woman isn’t a sucker for a man that can take control? And don’t we all go crazy for a confident man?

If he’s feeding you sexual fantasies and things for the future it will certainly have you longing and have you anticipating what’s soon to come.

Ever wonder why it takes a lot more just to turn us on sexually? According to Dr. Emily Nagoski (Psychology) “Men are more sensitive to erotic stimuli than women are, because men have a higher (SES) than women.” (SES) is the system that notices sexually relevant stimuli in the environment. “Overall women are more sensitive to threats that reduce sexual responsiveness, women have more (SIS) than men.” (SIS) is the system that responds to all kinds of threats and turns off.

Basically, from my research findings it’s not that it’s just that HARD to turn us on it’s just very easy to turn us off as well. That’s why you may always hear that we should be made feel comfortable and relaxed. In some or most cases our surroundings “environment”  play a huge role in our sexual arousal.

This goes back to my last blog topic of “why do women think so much during sex?”. I guess as a woman we are more mindful of A LOT of things without even consciously knowing that we are. Then we also have to know ourselves… a guy can’t please us or even turn us on if we don’t even know what get us in the mood. Whether it’s being touched in a certain place, specific  type of “porn”, phone sex, or even masturbation. A woman should explore her sexuality. Ask yourself what turns you on or get you in the mood?

I guess we find the topic of sex “embarrassing” even when talking to a girlfriend about it. But we do have to remind ourselves “sex” is a normal act of nature! 😛

That’s easier said than done.

Xoxo, Layla Love 🙂


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