Ladies Is It Possible To Regret Your Relationship? Maybe Even Think IT?!

crying woman

So have you ever had that feeling where you felt like your feelings didn’t matter or that you’re always wrong and he’s right? About everything!!! Well it’s more common than you may realize. It makes you question yourself and whether or not you’re “just tripping”! Well we all know that if your female intuition kicks in then there’s close to an 100% chance that you are indeed right! Men are lazy in the mind especially when it can come to a disagreement in the relationship… unless you’re the one on the receiving end of his feelings. I know, sounds selfish huh? Psychology studies shows that men find it unbearable when their pulse rate begin to rise in the moment of conflict which leaves you feeling emotionally and mentally “ALONE”! In return they point out every flaw and error in your thinking or just simply withdraw.

Men want to feel supported, soothed, loved, and respected; only to alienate the woman they claim to love. It’s a “pride” thing apparently admitting to being wrong or accepting a flaw is giving up power. But a real loving man shares equality, shares power, and understands that a woman deserves respect.

Now all of the above are things I’ve studied and researched in my (OWN) words! Now let’s get to my opinion and where the (REGRET)  comes into play!

In my opinion this all may be true but I believe it’s bullshit. Man and woman are both human, both almost function the same but also are very (DIFFERENT) in many ways. When it comes down to it a partner man or woman deserve equality. Resentment is the result of accepting feeling this way… you will begin to question the relationship or even (REGRET) it!

Problem is what do you do? Especially if you’re not ready to give up on the relationship. Do you ignore the problem or the feeling of inequality? You could for a little while… BUT I’m not ONCE saying do not stand your ground. At least make sure your voice is heard. Let him come to you and leave the issue alone, maybe give him a small dose of his own medicine. He should see for himself how it feels to go unnoticed, to not feel important, don’t pay his feelings any mind. He will either come around or show/prove to you that he really doesn’t respect you.

Have you been together months or years? You may feel like you may have wasted your time. You may start to question whether or not its over. Only your heart can decide for you. It’s crazy how your mind only plays a small role in your emotions.

You almost regret thinking to yourself was it even worth it… If that makes any sense? You’ll question everything, regret some things, and even regret that you may have question or doubted anything about your relationship. The mind of a woman, oh so FUCKING “Complicated”! lol!

So it’s your turn ladies, what are your thoughts on my “findings”? And how would you in turn handle yourself in this type of situation with your spouse, partner, lover?

Xoxo, Layla Love